NOFD Engine 39


New Orleans, LA

Project Size:

9,053 Square Feet

Fire Station 39 is a 3-bay, 2-company fire station located in New Orleans’ Lower 9th ward. NOFD Engines 22 and 39 were severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina due to extensive flooding. This replacement facility was to replace and combine Engines 22 and 39 into one improved station facility at a larger square footage, in keeping with the larger goal of hardening new fire stations against future catastrophic events.

In response to the lessons of Hurricane Katrina, this project is designed to facilitate continuity in Fire Department response. The station’s living spaces occupy the second floor, well above FEMA’s mandated base flood elevation. Electrical services are encased in concrete, and a newly installed 100-kilowatt generator can run essential electrical operations for 3 days with direct connection to an on-site fuel tank.