Phở Tàu Bay


New Orleans, LA

Project Size:

2,840 Square Feet

Phở Tàu Bay originally opened in the Algiers Flea Market in 1982 and became a fixture in the city, expanding to over five locations across Jefferson and Orleans parishes by 2005. After Hurricane Katrina shuttered four locations, the owners continued to operate in their original location on Westbank Expressway in Gretna, gaining a broad following of celebrity chefs and local diners alike. When development and a building demolition ended their operation in Gretna, the owners turned their attention to a former location in downtown New Orleans near the Central Business District.

The latest location on Tulane Avenue preserves existing building fabric and contributes to the commercial revitalization of that corridor. This restaurant build out serves both the offices and apartments of the Central Business District and the staff and patients of the new Biomedical Corridor while continuing over 30 years of tradition by the Takacs family.