The Cecile 1960s

The Cecile


New Orleans, LA

Project Size:

64, 000 SF (1001-1015 Canal St); 13, 275 SF (934 Canal St.)

The Cecile is composed of five historic buildings on Canal Street whose architectural styles are as varied as their histories.  The buildings on the French Quarter side were originally constructed between 1888-1937 of varying massing and sizes, whose notable histories included a taxi dance hall and the location of Civil Right movement.  Across the street at 934 Canal, a circa 1930 4-story building of concrete and steel was originally constructed as the Singer Sewing Machine factory and showroom.  Great care was taken in the design to adapt these buildings to modern standards to preserve their layered histories and comply with Tax Credit requirements.

Like many buildings along Canal Street, the upper floors have been vacant for over 50 years due to egress challenges and access to natural light. By connecting the upper floors of the four adjacent buildings, compliant means of egress can be provided with only two new stairs resulting in minimal interruption of the original floor plans and facades. Lightwells have been introduced to bring daylight into the core of the building and interior bedrooms.

The upper floors house 39 apartment-style hospitality suites ranging from two to five bedrooms and bunk rooms.  Blurring the lines between boutique hotel and residential design, these units are designed to accommodate the needs of traveling groups.  Bedroom counts are prioritized, while storage spaces are creatively integrated to minimize floor space.